Aaron Meche

Class of 2020

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Associate Software Developer at IBM

Aaron Meche has been captivated by computers and technology since a young age, beginning with his very first Nintendo gaming console. This love for computer systems led him to explore a course on the topic in his third year at Baylor University. While Meche loved the course, he couldn’t switch his degree because he was nearing the end of his undergraduate journey.

At that point, Meche made a promise to himself that someday he would return to college and pursue a future in computer science. His time at Syracuse University has been the fulfillment of that promise.

Syracuse University Is One Community

One of the main factors in Meche deciding to pursue a master’s at Syracuse University was the way online students are treated and the unifying quality of the Syracuse Orange community. Compared to other universities and online programs, Meche recognized that the College of Engineering and Computer Science was committed to fostering a vibrant community, both online and in person, and treated its students with respect.

“I was treated, as an online student, with equal respect as other students. When I watched one of the advertisements for Syracuse University, a woman was speaking about the university and mentioned, ‘We don’t have online students at Syracuse University; we only have students.’ That philosophy really spoke to me. The idea of equal respect was what sold me.”

Passionate Professors Make a Difference

In addition to his coursework and projects, Meche leaned on his professors for mentorship and one-on-one support to fully grasp advanced computer science concepts. Each professor was able to help him grow not only as a student but also as a future computer scientist who could make a difference in the industry.

“In the online master’s program, I have worked with teachers who were in academia as well as in a computer science field (and sometimes both). They have not only imparted their insider wisdom to me but have gotten to know me and my skill set on a personal level to the benefit of helping me grow as a computer science engineer. I believe all of those aspects will be advantageous for whatever endeavor I pursue next.”

Forging His Path in Computer Science

By earning an M.S. in Computer Science from Syracuse University, Meche can finally fulfill the promise he made to himself of working in the computer science field. He points to the dedicated support from his professors as well as the Orange community for helping him get to this point in his academic and professional career.

“My short-term goal is to get as much experience as I can to prepare for the future, and Syracuse University has helped me along that path. My long-term career goal is in a career in computer science, whatever form that takes. By giving me the access to amazing teachers and a breadth of knowledge, Syracuse University has helped me in that regard as well.”

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Originally published in June 2021.