Carl Poole

Carl Poole

Class of 2017

Raleigh, NC
Software Engineer at Playmaker CRM

He may not have taken a traditional route, but Carl Poole is confident his M.S. in Computer Science will help him continue growing in his tech-based career.

A Passion Years in the Making

Carl is not only a first-generation immigrant to the U.S. but is also a first-generation college student. Born in England, Carl and his dad explored computers regularly, from playing games to building his first website about Pokémon. Since then, computers and electronics have been his passion. Carl enjoys learning everything there is to know about how computers work and then using that knowledge to solve problems.

Taking a Different Path

Carl took what could be considered an untraditional path in his higher education journey, starting college at 22. He took classes at a community college in Texas, on campus at Syracuse University, and eventually completed his bachelor’s degree online at University of Maryland University College. At one point, he dropped out of his undergraduate program to start a software company, but he still felt the urge to complete his degree. Recently, he took another leap and decided to earn his master’s degree from Syracuse University.

“There are subjects I still want to explore, ranging from machine learning to cybersecurity. This degree helps me not only be more well-rounded but also allows me to drill deeper into concepts that will help me tackle future challenges. Coding and designing solutions are such engaging, creative processes. I can’t get enough.”

Taking Skills Into the Real World

Syracuse University’s immersive online format makes classes feel like you’re showing up in person, Carl says. Utilizing live video conferences, screen sharing, and text chat makes working together feel seamless, especially when coding. Carl says it is not uncommon for him to use these same methods at work when he needs to look through source code with a co-worker in a different location.

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Originally published in April 2017.