Student Q&As

During the July 2018 Immersion, our admissions team sat down with current online Executive MPA students Mary Gladstone-Highland, Jim Hartman, Colleen Kane, and Luisa Luperdi to discuss their experience in the program. Hear directly from these students about their expectations of online learning, how what they’ve learned is helping them reach their career goals, and more in the videos below.

What do you value most about the Executive MPA program?

Luisa values the opportunity to pursue professional development without leaving her current job, while Mary is grateful to be surrounded by classmates with similar levels of professional experience.

How is the Executive MPA preparing you to reach your goals?

Colleen and Jim discuss how the Executive MPA program has helped them develop essential leadership skills and how learning with Maxwell’s acclaimed faculty has deepened their own expertises.

How did the online learning environment impact your experience?

Even in the online classroom, Colleen and Jim found their classmates supportive and commented on the strength of the community that develops throughout the program.

What advice do you have for people considering applying for the program?

Colleen and Jim give their advice to prospective students who may be apprehensive about applying to the program.

How has this program fostered personal and professional growth?

Beyond learning professional skills, Colleen and Jim find that the program has empowered them to be more curious and engaged citizens who are motivated to make positive social change.

How do you balance working full-time and completing coursework?

Luisa and Mary reveal how self-discipline and consistency can make the task of completing a degree more manageable and how the online program is adaptable to their lifestyles—even when on vacation.

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