Kids and Coding: Resources for Educators

Nine out of 10 parents want their children to study computer science but fewer than half of high schools offer it as an option, according to a report on coding education from

Part of the push is to get kids at a young age learning how to code. It serves as a pipeline building tool, getting students interested in STEM careers at an early age that might push them to pursue those careers later in life. But coding can also teach kids problem-solving, creativity and patience.

Coding can get complicated, though. How can educators help children understand intricate, technical topics? What resources are available to them?

With the help of coding educators and experts, Engineering@Syracuse has created “Kids + Coding: Resources for Educators,” a collection of tools and tips to make introducing kids to programming easier.

Glossary of Coding Terms

Six Tips for Teaching Kids How to Code

How to Teach More Than Just Coding

Kid-Friendly Coding Languages and Learning Tools

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