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Guidance for Reporting and Writing About Racism

Reporting beats, or specialized subjects that a journalist will stick with day in and day out, become sections in the paper and separate pages on a website. Sports, travel and tech news are clearly delineated to the eye, but those divisions are often blurrier than they appear. Julian Glover, adjunct faculty at the Newhouse School and Race & Culture reporter at ABC7 San Francisco, says it is difficult to fully untangle the implications and history of race from every other beat. “We can really look at all of those different slices of life, those different sections in the newspaper, and […]

A Guide to Accessing Public Records for the First Time

In her media law class, Syracuse professor Barbara Fought asks students to reconsider their understanding of private and public information. Her series of hypotheticals usually earn the same response—most students believe information from eye color to salary and property worth are nobody else’s business. But then, she challenges them: Imagine your favorite high school teacher is being paid $20,000 less than a different teacher despite having the same experience and credentials.  “Would that be fair?” Fought asks. “No. Well, how would we figure that out?” Open-records laws grant citizens the right to all kinds of information, including the records that […]

The Most Productive Way to Schedule Your Day

It can seem like there are never enough hours in the day to finish everything on your to-do list. To help, Communications@Syracuse compiled research on peak productivity hours for early birds and night owls.

Citizen Journalism and Political Protests

Protests present a unique setting for journalists: three prongs of the public’s First Amendment rights — freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of petition — come together at every public protest or rally. Understanding rights while balancing these risks can make all the difference to citizen journalists and aspiring reporters.


14 Must-Read Books for Aspiring Public Relations and Advertising Professionals

Thanks to new communications platforms and evolving demographics, it’s important for students and professionals alike to continue educating themselves about the communications field. Whether you prefer to turn the physical pages of a book or swipe the screen of an iPad or Kindle, check out these top-rated books to stay ahead of the curve.

How will political reporting change under the Trump Administration?

The White House’s relationship with the media changes with each new administration. Early into Trump’s administration, Communications@Syracuse asked political journalists to share their thoughts on the future of political journalism in the U.S. We received responses from journalists around the country including editors and correspondents from C-SPAN, Tampa Bay Times and Mother Jones.