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Earn Your Degree in 12 to 15 MonthsEarn Your Degree in 12 to 15 Months

Drive Innovation as a Media Manager

As brands become increasingly global and transparent through digital media, employers need professionals who can lead teams across multiple locations and deliver a consistent message. With Newhouse’s Media Management specialization through the M.S. in Communications program, you’ll explore the latest trends in social media, develop strategies to foster inclusive working environments and learn to apply business analytics to ensure that your organization is reaching the right audience.

You’ll complete the program ready to manage large media projects and keep up with a fast-moving field.

Specialization Courses

The courses for the Media Management specialization constitute 12 of the 33 program credits. Throughout the program, you will learn to develop strategies that will help you effectively lead diverse teams, deepen business analytics skills and prepare to advance in a variety of communications fields. Explore specialization courses below.

Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership

This course covers theories of excellence in public relations by looking at PR models, organizational culture and diversity and ethics in the field. A brief overview of communication theory is included. Theories form the foundation or professional practice.

Advanced Social Media

This course is focused on strategies of effective digital team management and social media planning, implementation and evaluation. It builds upon the basic skills, theory and best practices in social media learned in core courses, with an emphasis on the role of the manager and managerial decision making.

Content Management, Development and Innovation

You will learn and use software tools such as site analytics, tracking code and the PageRank algorithm to manage search engine results and online traffic. There is an emphasis on theoretical basis of web traffic aggregation and SEO principles.

Choice of One Whitman School of Management Course

During the program, you will choose one course from the Whitman School of Management to gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of media and business. These course options include Strategic ManagementMarketing ManagementBusiness Analytics and Foundations of Entrepreneurship.

“The online program will greatly expand your skill set to give you the tools to advance in your career. You’ll be more effective and marketable. This is your on-ramp to being a leader if that is what you aspire to be, or a more effective one if you are already there.”

Hub Brown

Associate Dean for Research, Creativity, International Initiatives & Diversity
Associate Professor

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Learn to create an inclusive working environment and manage diverse teams with an
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Why Choose a Media Management Specialization?

In our online Media Management specialization, you will combine a deeper understanding of the media industry with leadership expertise. This crossover in skills will prepare you to advance, whether you’re in a news organization, an advertising agency or a public relations firm.

Discover the benefits of this specialization below.

Stay at the Forefront of Media

From consumer engagement on Twitter and Instagram to virtual reality and 360 video, Newhouse will prepare you to keep your team up to date on the latest digital trends that can help connect with your audience.

Connect With 28,000+ Media Professionals

A degree from Newhouse comes with access to a worldwide network of media innovators, storytellers and entrepreneurs who can help you discover your next role and better connect with your audience.

Manage Teams Across Multiple Locations

The media industry is more global than ever, and it is becoming increasingly common for teams to be working remotely and across borders. You will learn to lead diverse teams in multiple locations and utilize strategies to foster a collaborative and inclusive working environment.

Media Management Career Outlook

This specialization will help you cultivate skills that can be applied across a variety of careers, including:

  • Marketing manager
  • Media planning manager
  • Senior magazine/news editor
  • Director of integrated marketing
  • Senior multimedia producer
  • Social media manager
  • Head of digital delivery
  • Media publisher

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