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iSchool@Syracuse Immersion 2017: You and the Internet of Things


The theme for this year’s Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies (iSchool) immersion was “You and the Internet of Things.” Students, alumni and industry leaders gathered for a weekend filled with discussions, seminars and networking opportunities.

Could Public-Private Partnerships Have Solved Trump’s Infrastructure Problem?

With the Trump administration failing to get traction on other issues, infrastructure seemed like a possible winner. The plan was to let the private sector play a larger role in rebuilding the nation’s bridges, roads and airports. But then the president changed his mind.

7 Leaders Share Insights About Work-Life Balance

All of us in the business industry want to succeed in our career and make our mark. But many of us likely want to be a good partner and parent too. We want to participate in activities outside of work that make us feel happier, healthier, stronger, and smarter—like earning an MBA or traveling the world, for example. This desire to achieve everything is all too common, but so is the feeling that there isn’t enough time. Striking a balance can be a challenge.

MBA@Syracuse London Residency: Q&A with Student Kati Isaacson

MBA@Syracuse students visited London in July for an immersive residency. To learn more about the student experience, we interviewed current student Kati Isaacson, a marketing director from West Palm Beach, Florida.

A Residency in Dallas: Q&A with Online Student Joshua Bowie

In June, students traveled to Dallas for the MBA@Syracuse residency. We spoke with Joshua Bowie II, a management consultant from Houston, Texas, and current MBA@Syracuse student, to learn about his experience at the Dallas Residency.

Muckraking and Investigating: The Reporters Who Uncovered Government Secrets and Scandals

In-depth and thoughtful reporting is a check to ensure American democracy works in the best interest of the people. Throughout American history, journalists have uncovered lies and covert actions taken by elected officials with investigative reporting.