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There Are Several Degrees Under the Master’s in Information Systems Umbrella

An MS in Information Systems is distinct from related degrees in Information Management, Information Technology and Computer Science, but all four degrees are a good fit for early- or midcareer professionals who are looking to bolster their IT skills.

Why Billionaires Keep Investing in Major League Sports

These days, owners of professional sports team franchises invest not just for championships but also for returns. And they’re getting them.

Pulling Back the Curtain on the 20th Century’s Most Important Algorithms

An algorithm can be as simple as following a step-by-step culinary recipe, but many are made up of thousands of lines of code. And that code has become part of nearly every move we make.

CPAs to the Stars Tell All: What Expenses Do Celebs Write Off?

Despite common myths that celebrities can write off just about anything that helps them maintain their image—and marketability—the opposite is true.

How will political reporting change under the Trump Administration?

The White House’s relationship with the media changes with each new administration. Early into Trump’s administration, Communications@Syracuse asked political journalists to share their thoughts on the future of political journalism in the U.S. We received responses from journalists around the country including editors and correspondents from C-SPAN, Tampa Bay Times and Mother Jones.