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What Is Civic Engagement?

When citizens get involved in their communities and actively engage in promoting a high quality of life, meaningful change can occur. In this piece, we’ll explore what civic engagement is, including its many forms, and available resources to help you get started.

Measuring the Value of Marvel Characters

There’s about a 12 percent chance you’ll see Iron Man on screen at any given moment while watching a Marvel movie. But is he the only star in this franchise? MBA@Syracuse found the values of more than 200 Marvel characters.

With Viewership and Revenue Booming, Esports Set to Compete with Traditional Sports

By 2020, more people will watch a professional video game final than watch pro baseball, soccer, or hockey playoffs. What is driving the popularity of esports, and the streaming industry benefiting from the fast-growing audience?

Discussing Digitally Enabled NGOs with Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken

The intergovernmental system continues facing the challenge of navigating global conflict, climate change and poverty while keeping up with the spread of ideas and markets. We spoke with Director of the Transnational NGO Initiative Tosca Bruno-van Vijfeijken to discuss the importance of community involvement and how transnational NGOs can spur action in today’s increasingly digital world.

Potential Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Sales Poses Opportunity in NY

As New York investigates legalizing recreational marijuana, the state is missing out on millions of dollars of potential tax benefits, as well as the social and medical ones. Stringent regulation, limited patient access and the requirement to handle all parts of the value chain in-house are ongoing deterrents for dispensaries — and their prospective investors.  

From Dorm Room to Living Room: Millennial Debt and Homeownership

A new generation is hoping to achieve the American dream: their own home. But how will millennials pay off their student loans while taking on new homeownership debt?