Meet Our Students

Syracuse University’s iSchool is proud to support a student body of diverse professionals who are passionate about STEM and using technology to make a difference in the world. We’ve detailed some of their stories below; we asked them about the online program, their career goals, and their experiences as online student at the iSchool.

Amber Potts

Library and Information Science

Assistant Director
Henderson County Public Library

After working in public libraries for 19 years, Amber decided to earn her MSLIS to accomplish both personal and career goals.

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Nick Abrahamson

Library and Information Science

Research Librarian
Tulsa City-County Library

Although he loved working in libraries, Nick had reached a career ceiling after working for just over a decade. Nick pursued his MSLIS to become a professional librarian, a goal he achieved just before graduating.

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Carlo Mencarelli

Applied Data Science

Senior Systems Engineer

While serving his country as a Marine focusing on logistical support, Carlo discovered his passion for process and efficiency improvement using statistical analyses. He decided to follow that passion and it led him to the online Applied Data Science program.

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Martin Alonso

Applied Data Science

Data Scientist

After working in the finance industry as a business intelligence analyst and data scientist, Martin wanted to improve his expertise in data science to see how it could apply to other industries.

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Chianti Prosser

Information Systems

Workflow Coordinator
Williams Lea Tag

Chianti began her career in office systems technology after earning an associate degree in business—but knew she wanted to work in IT fields. Based on a friend’s recommendation, she explored the MS in Information Systems at Syracuse University and enrolled.

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Kirby Hood

Applied Data Science

Data Analyst

Pursuing data science as a second career, Kirby quickly found that she had a knack for the field and an aptitude for leveraging new tools. Through the online Applied Data Science program, she now approaches new business problems with data-driven solutions on a daily basis.

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