Elizabeth Preville

Elizabeth Preville


Technical Sales Support Specialist at Brook & Whittle Ltd.

After earning an M.S. in Public Communications from Buffalo State University, Elizabeth Preville was interested in challenging herself and earning a graduate degree to further her expertise. As she explored online programs that could expand her knowledge of the communications industry, she decided to pursue an online M.S. in Communications due to its advertising specialization.

Expanding Her Skill Set

Through her time in the online program, Elizabeth has seen her skills as a communications professional grow in ways that she hadn’t expected.

“Being a student in the program has been challenging, inspiring and truly rewarding. I feel connected to the University even though I am an online student, and I can see myself growing as a communications professional, and gaining more confidence as the days go on. The work I do as a student doesn’t feel much like work because the program includes such relevant, cutting-edge information in the communications field, which is so exciting to be a part of.”

Strong Syracuse University Roots

As a Syracuse area native, Elizabeth was aware of the reputation and prestige of Syracuse University from a young age. Her familiarity with the university along with the strong alumni network led to her pursuing the online M.S. in Communications from Newhouse.

“The most important factor was that I am a Syracuse native, and so choosing the online M.S. in Communications was something I grew up aspiring to accomplish. Other important factors for choosing the online M.S. in Communications were the prestigious reputation the program has, the faculty and staff expertise and knowledge, and the alumni network, with so many talented and influential people in all sectors of the industry.”

Diversity Driving the Conversation

One of the major benefits of the live, online classroom for Elizabeth is the diverse range of conversations. With such a wide variety of viewpoints from her classmates, Elizabeth gets a lot out of each class discussion and feels welcomed.

“The culture and diversity of the online M.S. in Communications is so inclusive and welcoming. There are people from many different ethnic, age, gender and geographic backgrounds, and I am so grateful to be a student where I have become part of that diverse culture. My fellow students are all so open to learning about each other, facilitating conversation full of thoughtful ideas and respectful debate, which allow the discussions in class to ebb and flow in such a natural pace.”

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