Julian Glover

Julian Glover

Journalism Innovation

News Anchor, WOIO/Cleveland 19 News

What attracted you to the online M.S. in Communications program?

I wanted a program that would not only teach me how to use the tools of tomorrow, but how to use them strategically. I knew I’d be getting that from the online M.S. in Communications from Syracuse University. The program’s emphasis on live session participation and interaction with a diverse cohort were. selling points, as well as the promise of the immersion weekends bringing together industry leaders with Newhouse students and faculty.

Why did you decide to pursue this degree at this point in your career?

The definition of “journalist” is constantly changing, and the skills it takes to be successful in this field are changing just as quickly. I enrolled in the program to gain skill in desirable areas like database journalism, but also to enhance my lens on the industry so that I would become both more critical and more adaptable.

“The definition of “journalist” is constantly changing, and the skills it takes to be successful in this field are changing just as quickly.”

What is your experience with the online program so far? How have you fit the program into your life? Were you nervous about fitting an online degree into your life?

The online M.S. in Communications program is flexible enough to fit into most schedules as long as you’re willing to put the work in and make sacrifices. It may require finishing up a deliverable on your lunch break or reading material on your commute to work, but it is certainly achievable given considerable time management and a proper support system.

How is the online M.S. in Communications helping you to propel your career right now? Are there specific courses or skill sets you’ve learned that you have specifically applied at your job or toward your goals?

The program has taught me a lot about the current digital landscape and helped me build additional analytics skills, which have both helped me better use analytics to devise social media strategies for my branded accounts. I have also helped my TV station develop and implement social and digital strategies for content distribution, curation and engagement for a number of projects.

What do you plan to do with your degree after graduation?

While using the skills I learned in the program to further my career in broadcast journalism, I am also pleased to join the Newhouse faculty as an adjunct professor. Starting in January 2019, I will begin teaching ICC 602 Introduction to Digital Communications. I will be able to use my unique perspective and firsthand knowledge of the coursework to advocate for students’ success from the outset of their Newhouse experience.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

Never be afraid to ask for help or clarification; that’s what the professors are there for. Work smarter, not harder. The program rewards those who plan ahead. Always look for the real-world application. Learn from members of your own cohort, because everyone brings valuable experiences to the program.

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