Tanika Reid

Tanika Reid

Public Relations

Claims Analyst, Axiom Resource Management

Why did you apply to the online M.S. in Communications program?

I am pursuing my master’s degree because I believe an advanced degree will open doors to new career opportunities. Also, I want to gain as much knowledge as I can within the communications field. I heard about the online M.S. in Communications while researching a conference that I wanted to attend for women of color in communications. One of the speakers at the conference is a professor and chair of the public relations department at Syracuse University. Through further exploration of the Newhouse website, I was excited to learn about the online program.

After a thorough discussion with my admissions counselor, I was convinced that at Syracuse University I would receive a quality education and skillset that would set me apart from others in my field. Also, the use of the online classroom to actually attend classes was very appealing to me. Lastly, I decided to attend this program because I will have the personal accomplishment of being among the distinguished alumni of The Newhouse School and Syracuse University.

What excites you most about starting your master’s degree?

I am excited about finally working toward a career in communications. Unlike many of my colleagues who have years of experience in the field of communications, I went straight from undergrad to pursuing my master’s. I am excited to interact with classmates in the virtual classroom setting. My entire undergraduate degree was earned online in an asynchronous environment. There was little interaction, beyond email, between the professors and students. I look forward to utilizing the plethora of opportunities to exchange dialogue with my peers. I am stepping into the unknown with a little fear, admittedly, but with irrefutable determination.

What is your intended specialization and why?

Public Relations. PR, for the most part, seems to be an ever-changing career field that involves a multitude of communications-related careers. I also look forward to further developing my skills as a writer. With a specialization in PR, I’m excited to learn to write compelling media releases, create and execute PR plans and better understand brand management and advertising. The best way to sum up the PR field: variety!

What are your career aspirations upon graduation?

My dream career would combine my love of traveling, intercultural communication, social media and public relations into one amazing opportunity. I don’t quite have a title for this quasi career yet but I believe I could potentially create my own opportunity as an entrepreneur.

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