Victoria Cardona

Victoria Cardona

Public Relations

Associate, Asset Management at Invesco Real Estate

While enjoying a career in finance, Victoria Cardona realized that her prior role in communications in the real estate industry was what she really wanted to do. With a goal of eventually securing a role in public relations or investor relations for a real estate company, she pursued a master’s in communications with Syracuse University’s Newhouse School.

An Online Program That Can Keep Up

With a job that has her traveling quite often, Victoria wanted to pursue an online degree that was flexible. The online format of the online M.S. in Communications program gave her the ability to keep up with her classes while traveling.

“In an era where everything is digital, this program could not be more fitting. Given my busy work schedule, this online program really was the best fit for me. It gives me the flexibility to not have to physically be in a classroom and still work full time in a job that often requires travel.”

Unlocking Her Potential

The online M.S. in Communications has helped Victoria to not only gain the expertise she needs to advance in her public relations career, but it has also given her the opportunity to discover her hidden talents.

“For me, this has been a wonderful experience being a student in the online M.S. in Communications program. Overall, this program has showed me hidden talents I was not aware of and has pushed me outside of my comfort zone to expand my abilities both personally and professionally.”

A Faculty Committed to Her Success

During her time in the program, Victoria found that the faculty was particularly helpful both in and out of the classroom. Their experience in the field and willingness to help gave her an extra boost in following her public relations goals.

“One thing I have noticed with the faculty in this program is their willingness to help their students not only with the class material, but also with their professional lives. This has been instrumental to me given I do not currently hold a position in public relations, which is ultimately the direction I want to move in.”

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