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Public Libraries are Key Players Fighting the Opioid Crisis. Here’s What Other Organizations Can Learn From Them.

Libraries have long served as hubs for community services. While libraries are far from the only spaces that have been entrenched in the opioid crisis, they are among the few that have publicly assumed responsibility to attempt to stem the swell of overdose deaths.

Working With GIS data? Librarians Can Help With That

Geographic information systems, or GIS, are used for a variety of spatial, data-focused projects. Librarians can assist with GIS training and data curation.

Citizen Journalism and Political Protests

Protests present a unique setting for journalists: three prongs of the public’s First Amendment rights — freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of petition — come together at every public protest or rally. Understanding rights while balancing these risks can make all the difference to citizen journalists and aspiring reporters.

What Can We Learn From Libraries That Use Design Thinking?

Libraries and librarians have evolved and their services expanded thanks to design thinking. Increasingly, their use of the process in solving community problems and addressing stakeholders’ needs has put them at the forefront of areas, such as improving community health, teen outreach and more. Rachel Ivy Clarke, PhD, assistant professor at Syracuse University’s online Master of Science in Library and Information Science program, talks about how to successfully use design thinking.

A Cybersecurity Expert’s Guide to Period and Pregnancy Trackers

Millions of women trust smartphone applications with data about their reproductive and sexual health. What cybersecurity considerations should be made before using them?

5 Things You Learn When You Become an Entrepreneur  

There are many entrepreneurship skills that you can gain when you decide to start your own business. Here we explore the lessons you might learn and the different types of entrepreneurship that exist today.