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Kids and Coding: Resources for Educators

Nine out of 10 parents want their children to study computer science but fewer than half of high schools offer it as an option, according to a report on coding education from Part of the push is to get kids at a young age learning how to code. It serves as a pipeline building tool, getting students interested in STEM careers at an early age that might push them to pursue those careers later in life. But coding can also teach kids problem-solving, creativity and patience. Coding can get complicated, though. How can educators help children understand intricate, technical topics? […]

How to Teach More Than Just Coding

Learning to code can be a great way to establish other skills like critical thinking and teamwork. Use these lessons to highlight transferrable skills in coding classes.


Accessibility for the Modern Web: Resources and Tools

Web content is no longer just one facet of how people access information. It’s the primary way most people complete everyday tasks such as paying bills, reading the news, scheduling appointments, socializing with friends, ordering food, and submitting schoolwork.

Designing a More Accessible Mobile Web

In an environment that emphasizes mobile-first design, it’s critical developers think about accessibility first so users with disabilities aren’t left behind as the web continues to evolve toward mobile use.

Getting Familiar with Accessibility Tools

There’s almost no limit to what the average user can accomplish online, except for when the limit is being able to access the contents of the webpage in the first place, which is often the case for users with disabilities.

Accessible Design for Classrooms

With 48 percent of students across the world using computers in the classroom, it’s imperative that school work is accessible to students with learning and physical disabilities.