Careers in Business Analytics

Data has become a dominant force in the modern global business landscape. As more companies rely on data to optimize operations and improve business strategy, employers in every industry need data-literate professionals with strong decision-making and analytics skills to develop strategy for their organizations.

Professionals with analytics skill sets are in high demand, and as the amount of data that companies collect continues to increase, the industry is projected to grow considerably

  • 71 percent of employers were hiring to fill data analytics roles in 20181
  • 115,200 new management analyst jobs will be created by 20262

Professionals who pursue a Master of Science in Business Analytics can master the analysis techniques needed to become data-driven decision-makers capable of excelling in a variety of roles.

What Skills Do Business Analytics Professionals Have?

By analyzing business performance through data, statistical analysis, and reporting, business analytics professionals are able to make strategic business decisions.

In order to do this effectively, they must possess technical skills that enable them to analyze and understand large sets of data, as well as core business skills that will help them express their findings to stakeholders from different backgrounds.

Technical Skills

Analytics professionals need to interpret the information they gain from data sets, and will use a variety of technologies and programs to do so, including:

  • Solver, a tool that finds optimal solutions for decision problems
  • R, one of the most common analytics programming languages
  • Statistical software such as Excel, SPSS, SAS, Sage, and Mathematica

Communication Skills

Any data analysis is only as good as a business analytics professional’s communication of it. In order to successfully communicate their findings to a diverse group of stakeholders, they must develop skills including:

  • Visual modeling skills to organize data in a way that is easy to understand
  • Inquisitiveness so they can effectively query data in order to fully understand it
  • Problem-solving skills to combine logical thinking and predictive analysis to turn data into solutions

By mastering these skill sets, business analytics professionals are able to use data as a resource for decision-making, and they can clearly communicate recommendations that will help meet organizational goals.

What Can You Do With a Master’s in Business Analytics?

Business analytics students gain skills that are applicable and highly valued across a wide range of industries. Employers in commerce, government, nonprofit organizations, service, and manufacturing seek workers with data literacy skills, so it is possible for business analytics professionals to find rewarding career opportunities in many areas.

Business Analytics Job Titles

Job titles and descriptions may vary by organization, but common career opportunities for business analytics professionals include:

  • Big data analytics specialist
  • Data analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Management analyst/consultant
  • Market research analyst
  • Operations research analyst
  • Programming and marketing manager
  • Project manager
  • Research analyst
  • Supply chain manager

Featured Business Analytics Careers

Market Research Analyst3

Job Responsibilities: Study market conditions to predict sales of a particular product or service; gather and analyze data on consumers and competitor companies; determine what products or services people want, and at what price
Market Growth: 23 percent increase from 2016–2026
Average Annual Salary: $63,120

Management Analyst/Consultant4

Job Responsibilities: Analyze assets such as business plans, cost management, human resource allocation, and risk analysis; propose strategies to increase efficiency; improve an organization’s productivity and performance
Market Growth: 14 percent increase from 2016–2026
Average Annual Salary: $83,610

Operations Research Analyst5

Job Responsibilities: Use mathematical models and analytical methods such as big data mining and optimization; identify organizational problems and propose solutions to help improve productivity and cost-effectiveness
Market Growth: 27 percent increase from 2016–2026
Average Annual Salary: $83,390

Earn a Master of Science in Business Analytics Online From Syracuse University

The online master’s in business analytics program from Syracuse University’s AACSB-accredited Martin J. Whitman School of Management equips students with the analytics skills employers are looking for.

In the program, students will hone their decision-making skills and learn to use analytics tools to improve business outcomes. They can complete the 36-credit curriculum in as few as 18 months, while still working full time.

Student Spotlight

Peter Ruben

Consultant at ION Media Networks
New York, New York

After an acquisition forced Peter Ruben to pause his decades-long sales and relationship management career in media, he chose to pursue his M.S. in Business Analytics online at Syracuse University in order to better understand how to use data to maximize profitability. He was quickly recruited into a data-driven executive role.

“In addition to the technical analytics and data science classes, the program really helped me think about business analytics from an organizational point of view. A key differentiator in a company’s success today is how departments are aligned in an organization to be able to react quickly and utilize all this new information.”

Shaun Gillow

Contractor at Department of Defense
Washington, D.C.

A veteran who served six years in the United States Navy, Shaun Gillow took certifications through Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families that helped ease his transition into the civilian world and ultimately drew him to pursue the online M.S. in Business Analytics program.

“The business analytics program has allowed me to use new tools and concepts to create solutions to age-old problems. For instance, using machine learning techniques has helped me cut down on man hours used in classification of data. This has allowed my department to be able to differentiate itself and gain a significant competitive advantage.”

Career Services From Syracuse University

Students in the online M.S. in Business Analytics program have access to career development services that will help them launch, transition, or advance their careers, including:

Career Coaching

Take advantage of one-on-one coaching, customized resume reviews, and interview preparation, as well as a self-directed career development course available 24/7 on the Virtual Career Center.

Global Networking Opportunities

Connect with Syracuse University’s diverse professional network of students, faculty, and alumni for career assistance and mentoring. The Whitman School alone boasts over 30,000 alumni worldwide.

LinkedIn Premium Career

Gain LinkedIn Premium Career access, which gives you the tools to showcase your new skills. You will be able to directly contact hiring managers and gain exclusive insights on salary and how you compare to other applicants.

Ready to Become a Business Analytics Expert?

Gain the analytics skills you need to future-proof your career. Request information about the online M.S. in Business Analytics from the Whitman School at Syracuse University.

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