MBA Residencies

Online MBA students attend three in-person residencies throughout the course of their program. Students pursuing other master’s degrees at Whitman are welcome to attend when the topics are relevant to their program. Structured like business conferences, these hands-on experiences feature prominent local speakers and faculty who host relevant discussions and interactive panels. Each three-day residency offers online Master’s of Business Administration students the opportunity to meet classmates and professors face-to-face for one-credit workshops and networking. Residencies are offered on-campus, in other U.S. cities, and internationally. Featuring multiple concurrent tracks with different themes, residencies are held at the beginning of each term.

“One of the main factors in my decision was the residencies that the online MBA program offers. There’s something about sitting down and conversing with your professors and classmates that appealed to me, especially since the rest of the program was online. Whitman really rolled out the red carpet for our visits to campus, and everyone was so welcoming.”

Bradley Pokorny

MBA Class of 2022

International Locations
Syracuse Campus
Major U.S. Cities

Upcoming Residencies

Residencies expose students to a wide array of people, ideas, and cultures that are reshaping modern business practices. See where we’re headed next:

Syracuse, New York
March 29 – 31, 2024
London, England
June 28 – 30, 2024

Previous Residency Tracks: New York City Sep. 30-Oct. 2, 2022

  • Health Innovation with Dave Eilers & Anissa Davenport: Healthcare spending in the US grew to $4.1 Trillion in 2021. Do we have a better, more resilient healthcare system as a result? What are the disruptive influences on the healthcare marketplace? This residency will help you answer some of these pressing questions and how the lessons learned can help you and your organizations embrace change, innovate, and grow.
  • Alternative Investments with Tom Barkley & Milena Petrova: Alternative investments are investments other than those specifically in the stock markets, bond markets, or cash/currency markets. This residency will focus on hedge funds; private equity (and venture capital); real assets (including real estate); and commodities. 
  • Holistic Approach to Business Decisions with Gocke Sezgin & Mahati Mukkamala: This track will help students to examine business decision making through a holistic lens that uses data while considering human and other constraints. Concepts from across the business spectrum and a case study will come together, and students will have a better understanding of how the best business decisions are made.

“The international residencies are one of my favorite parts of the program. Not only do you get to visit awesome places that you probably wouldn’t go to on your own, but you also get to experience new cultures. … I have made some great friends during the residencies.”

Jennifer Noone

MBA Class of 2017

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Past Residency Speakers and Topics

Our residencies showcase Syracuse University faculty members and leadership as well as industry executives, authors, and subject matter experts. Many of our past speakers have focused on broad, globally relevant topics such as stakeholder management in uncertain times and the future of Ireland in the international economy.

Others have spoken on lessons from their own companies, such as Neil Ackerman, director of global eCommerce at Mondelez International. His talk, “The eCommerce Flywheel,” described how his team delivers results by combining big data with a relentless focus on giving consumers what they need, where they need it.

Kent Syverud, chancellor and president of Syracuse University, speaks at a campus residency.

Global, Domestic, and On-Campus Residencies

Students can choose any three residencies during their time in the program—they are not required to attend one of each type. We recommend that students attend one of the first two residencies available to them after starting the program so that they can immerse themselves in the program and get a jump-start on networking. Each residency has a unique focus, enabling students to approach a topic with more depth.

International Residencies: Dublin

International residencies offer students a global perspective on business as they explore major business centers worldwide. At one recent residency, students traveled to Dublin to study the industry-leading innovation taking place in Ireland. Many students took full advantage of the opportunity to explore the local culture and activities.

Campus Residencies: Syracuse University

At campus residencies, students connect with our school, culture, and community by traveling to Syracuse University in beautiful upstate New York. A recent campus residency focused on the theme “The Business of Health Care,” and students explored how the U.S. health care system can be improved by adopting sound business practices.

U.S. Residencies: New York

Our U.S. residencies, held in major cities across the nation, offer students insight into the location’s unique business cultures and challenges. Our students took on New York City in a recent residency, where they focused on either strategic communications or capital markets. They attended panels and discussions with experienced executives and Syracuse University faculty.