Celina Rosita Tousignant

MBA, Class of 2019

Senior Program Manager, Mission Lane

Why did you choose this school’s online MBA program?

“First, as an alumna of the undergraduate program, I had cherished memories of my time as an ‘Orange’ and of the academic programs available across my three majors. While I joke that I selected the program to re-use the sweatshirts from my undergrad days, I felt a very strong affinity for the university and the thought of returning for my graduate coursework felt like ‘coming back home.’

Second, the structure of the online MBA program best fits my learning style and preference for coursework and engagement. As opposed to other programs that are far more ‘free-range,’ I appreciated the way the online MBA classes were live synchronous weekly sessions, supplemented with asynchronous lectures, readings, coursework, and more. I knew that this digital learning environment would allow me to connect with professors, peers, and curriculum in a way that best supported my learning.”

How did your online experience compare with your in-the-classroom experience as an undergraduate student?

“While I believe it is hard to compare an undergraduate experience you have as a teenager to an online graduate program taken in near-middle-age, I would say my biggest noted difference is in the scope of school as ‘identity.’ As an average undergrad, my full-time life revolved around being a student, going to class, living in dorms, studying in the library, and socializing with my classmates.

This forced perspective created a unique focus and environment in the classroom, one where we were all swimming in academia, living in hypotheticals and theories. The online experience is incredibly different insofar that our academic studies are one of many responsibilities in our lives, and we are drawing from real-life experiences for discussions. While the passion to learn is similar, the mental state and inputs are worlds apart.”

How has your online education helped you in your current job?

“I believe my education has helped me in many ways, some more obvious than others. In my current organization, I was selected for a career-changing project (managing our company’s acquisition) because of my status as an MBA student at the time. That project alone allowed me to cement my position as an invaluable contributor across the organization.

Additionally, my online education has provided me with a broader understanding of all business areas—even those in which I lack interest (sorry, accounting)—which has made me a more strategic, empathetic, and collaborative thinker. In a more indirect way, my online education has helped me better manage my time in and out of the workplace and has reignited my passion for learning.”